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Can you take control of a city's mail distribution system? In Post Master, the city will continue to grow as your business expands. Will you be able to handle the pressure of new delivery opportunities or will other delivery businesses step in to pick up the slack and take your potential profit?

You'll start out with a single post office where you'll have a small area of the city to pick up and deliver mail. But as you continue to invest in new vehicles, hire staff and install new post boxes around the city you may decide that it's time to purchase additional post offices to battle the successful growth of your business.

In this exciting management sim you'll have full control over your business, from hiring personnel, setting vehicle routes, responding to special deliveries and even setting the prices of delivery and packaging. However, as you continue to improve your offices, the city is always expanding, creating more customers and a wider area of coverage. You'll need to invest in new offices to maintain control of the mail distribution system. But be careful, rival businesses threaten to do everything they can to make a profit, even if that includes shutting you out of particular areas of the city by providing an excellent mail system.

  • An ever growing city that changes frequently
  • Hire staff and purchase personnel
  • Set the duties and route of each vehicle
  • Purchase objects for your garage and offices
  • Hire security guards to prevent post office robbery
  • Invest in new offices to expand the reach of your services
  • Adjust the prices of your services, do you want to charge a fortune or undercut your competitors?

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